How to choose lingerie?

How to choose lingerie?
 Proper selection of underwear is able to create the figure of miracles. Naturally, not in a literal sense, but visually. But men and like something just eyes.

Clothing should emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. Garment is also true. Including to everyday. Should not wear thongs, if the shape of your buttocks is far from ideal. And even with a perfect figure standing still give preference panties more like shorts - they are practical and they advise physicians, leaving only a thong as an evening option. Properly selected style panties and even in conjunction with a sensible length stockings or pantyhose legs just transform. As well as vice versa, wrong style visual way to turn even the elegant doll into its opposite.

At least visually increase the size of breasts with silicone bra inserts into the cup. Figure from wearing such "armor" gets incredibly seductive forms.

The same goes for color. Consider when choosing clothes and even your skin tone. In addition to classic black, white and body kits, pay attention to the other colors. Bright pink and turquoise will look great on dark olive skin, bright pastel shades are well shaded with white skin.

The combination of clothes
In the choice of color and style do not forget also about the clothes, under which you will be wearing it all. It is not necessary to show the world your style panties or bra, especially if you work in a respectable office. Thong, from the pop-up jeans with low waist and bright bras, shine through blouse, let wishing to assert themselves are little girls. So true lady to come forward and not stuck. It is better to choose their own design, not bulging out of any color or texture. Lace kits for the same reason also best left for the evening.

Is it worth it separately to emphasize that underwear should you be sure to fit. Shoulder straps should not subside, bone and gum - to dig into the skin. If you can not do without it, then you're wrong to choose. As a minimum, the manufacturer. Size is determined by the circumference of panties thighs. Bra - on the circumference of the chest under the cups and cups in terms of themselves. If you have non-standard figure - say, very wide hips with a narrow small breasts - then do not buy ready-made kits, no matter how beautiful they are. Buy "top" and "bottom" and strictly apart from mandatory pre-fitting.

Linen maximum contact with the skin. Therefore synthetic definitely better to say no. It is preferable to choose underwear made of natural materials - cotton and silk. Permissible small amount of polyester. Do not buy very cheap clothes, because it is short-lived in most cases - is torn, stretched and sheds.

For sport
If you are active in sports, it is better to wear during class slimming underwear. Especially in the area of ​​the chest, as the muscles there we loaded extremely small, and without chest sculpting effect can prematurely deteriorate.

Evening option
In choosing clothes for special occasions you no definitive recipe will not work. Look closely at the figure in the mirror. Try it mentally range of catalogs. And even better - try on all of this in a literal sense. And look at the reaction of your men. This will be the most reliable recommendations that you and to guide future.

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