How to choose a vest

How to choose a vest
 Back in fashion vests. Some of the article of clothing associated with school uniforms, but if you choose the right vest, it can be worn to work, and for the official reception. Vest is able to emphasize the advantages of your figure and even hide its flaws.
 Choosing a vest to consider several criteria - its length, cut and texture of the material.

Long loose vest straight silhouette can be extended to cover the hips, or very long. Long jackets hide curvy hips, wide waist and protruding belly. These models look good, complete with T-shirts, T-shirts and blouses. It is better to wear them without buttoning. This will help create a visual hierarchy on both sides of the figure.

With regard to the material from which made vest, it is better if it is wool or knitting, but not too thick and not tight-fitting body. Rough cloth or thick knit vest will add bulkiness, and the figure will look more voluminous.

Long vest can be worn tall women. Low is better to choose the shorter model.

Short vests - a great way to disguise large breasts and visually lengthen the figure at a low height. These models look good and unbuttoned and buttoned. If you want to emphasize your small waist, unbutton the vest and waist belt, wear tight-fitting.

Short vests usually have a fitted style, and recommended a slender woman. They can be very short or reach mid-thigh. Look best model, made of thick fabric, but not tight.

As for the cuts, then the magnificent bust should choose jackets with a plunging neckline. Round neckline is suitable only to owners of long neck and an oval face. The best option is a V-shaped neckline vest because it visually lengthens the neck and the whole figure.

If you have broad shoulders, do not buy a vest with deep armholes, and with extended shoulders. This style will only accentuate your shoulders. Chubby women of small stature should avoid short knitted vests and elongated, but with a large pattern knit. Do not choose a model from buklirovannyh or "knocked out" of tissues. Straight jackets of coarse cloth will not improve the shape, and make it even more massive, so full of women is better to give preference to models of soft tissues that mimic the feminine curves of the figure.

If you decide to buy a vest, focuses not only on fashion. Be self-critical and only choose the model that will make your figure more attractive.

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