How to choose a swimsuit for different types of figures

How to choose a swimsuit for different types of figures
 Swimwear Swimwear regularly surprises wide variety of styles and colors. In the body of a woman bathing naked as possible, which means that you can see all the advantages and disadvantages of the figure. With the help to choose the right swimsuit for the type of figure, easy to hide many flaws and virtues, on the contrary, to emphasize.

Broad shoulders.

If you are the owner of broad shoulders, you perfect swimsuit having a V-neck. Avoid colored embroideries, appliqués, ribbons, wide straps - these items will make your shoulders visually wider.

Narrow shoulders.

Visually align the proportions of the figure helps swimsuit with a small round cut in the neck. Bright bodice leotard, a major figure, wide straps - all of which help visually expand the narrow shoulders.

Bulky thighs and a big belly.

You need to choose swimwear playing on contrasts: bright colored top and bottom monochrome. This swimsuit will take attention away from problem areas and will focus on the chest.
Also suitable Piece Swimsuits made of elastic fabric - they will help "pull the" belly and thighs to make visually slimmer.

Small breasts.

Make breasts more help bra with cups with underwire or with foam inserts. But if you are an opponent of swimwear for you the best solution would be a strapless model (the so-called band). Do not buy swimsuits too dark tones or with horizontal stripes on the bodice - they will make an already small breasts smaller.

Big breasts.

It would seem that unless large breasts - is a disadvantage? But if you - a slim girl with a slim waist, this type of figure seems disproportionate.
In this case, you need a bra that lift the chest, always with a wide underwire cups.
If you want to visually reduce it - choose a lighter bottom and dark top, thanks to divert attention to the lower part of the figure.

Poorly expressed waist.

For you, the ideal solution would be fused or partially a bikini in a classic style, solid, or, in extreme cases, the fine print.

Short stature or short legs.

Remember: bikini, unfortunately, is not for you. But you will look favorably swimsuit with vertical lines and high-cut thigh.

High growth and leanness.

You, on the contrary, to acquire a better bikini. Typically, this type of figure will fit almost all: top with wide straps or without vertical stripes on the bodice, monochrome swimsuits or large print.

Whatever swimsuit you choose, remember the most important thing to suit your size.

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