How to choose a good down jacket

How to choose a good down jacket
 Tops on the fuzz - an indispensable option for winter: lightweight, warm and beautiful puhovichke be comfortable and warm even in extreme cold. To acquired thing really was quality and served for many years, it is necessary to know what to look for when buying it.
 It so happened that "down jacket" call virtually any bulk jacket or coat with a heater. However, on the label of the products inside them - a natural down, will be specified down (Eng. "Fluff). Ideally it should be a goose, swan or eiderdown. Pooh eider - the most suitable of them, it is very light and warm, but there is such a down jacket cheap.

Quality score down - elasticity products: rolled into a tube, it should take up very little space and gradually restore its shape. The greater part of inexpensive bulk coats and jackets packed with only chicken down - totally unsuitable material for winter clothing, thermal insulation properties which are low.

One hundred percent down filled is not common, usually a mixture of down and feathers. In this case, the label should read feather (Eng. "Pen"), in addition, indicate the ratio of feathers and down. The greater the proportion of down in the insulation, the more frost withstand the product. The best is not lower than the figures of 70/30 (70% - down, 30% - pen), and in a down jacket, which is written on the label 80/20, will be comfortable even in thirty-degree frost. In this case, the label component should be 3 CLO (1 CLO - -15 degrees 2 CLO - -20).

Buying clothes on top to down, pay attention to her weight: quality down jacket will not weigh more than a kilogram (usually - 700-800 grams), whatever the ratio may be given on its label. Otherwise, you are dealing with is very good quality - a lot of filler in his pen, and severe frosts, it will not stand.

Be sure to note how well sewn jacket. Ideally fluff should sewn into small bags, so that it is not lost with time. Often, however, only the clothes stuffed filler, and then stitching. She will not be able to serve you for a long time: all the fluff will slide down quickly, and after washing knock into one big lump. Check availability sacs inside the down jacket while shopping, unfortunately, can not, but you can do it differently: bend it anywhere - if the sharp ends of the feathers can be felt with your fingers or they climbed out, piercing the fabric jacket is better not to buy.

When choosing a jacket, pay attention to the quality of the lines: if the seams are uneven and poorly sealed ends of the thread, it is not necessary to purchase. Carefully inspect and accessories: branded item has an identification mark on the tongue of lightning, and in the underground or semi-legal departments use conventional "snake". To best protect yourself from fraud, buy a down jacket in the company store.

Best down jackets are traditionally considered Canadian, on eider fluff, but they are quite expensive. Quality down jackets produced in Italy, Sweden and France. They also may be far not everyone can afford, but such a thing will serve you faithfully for many years.

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