How to become a woman with Manhetenna?

How to become a woman with Manhetenna?
 Due to the abundance of Hollywood films, we have long formed the image of a girl with Manhattan - is an energetic person that always looks great, changes, such as gloves, boyfriends, is not afraid to work hard, build a career and is always looking for love. Can I be the girl from Manhattan, living in another place?

If the option to move to Manhattan and proudly wear the title of a girl with Manhattan does not suit you - do not despair. To begin, decide that for you includes the concept of "girl with Manhattan?" Are you under the influence of "Sex and the City" or any other film? In creating such an image you attracts a large number of dresses? Or maybe a lot of fans? Luxury apartment? Prestigious job? After prioritization proceed to the embodiment of their dreams.

If you like frequent change of clothes, go shopping. Arrange with a friend the day shopping, buy yourself something that has long dreamed of. And it is not necessary to spend all their savings to update a wardrobe. Remember that you can easily change the image by using, for example, cravat. The same blouse will look different if today wear her headscarf in peas and tomorrow tie light scarf like a tie. Shawls, scarves, mufflers, stoles, scarves - all this is inexpensive, but plays an important role in creating the image of a girl with Manhattan.

Experiment with hair. Do not be afraid to try new images today you are a blonde, but tomorrow shokiruete colleagues gorgeous red hair. Girl with Manhattan impetuous and unpredictable, so me and you. Fill your image rims, caps, hats, pins volume. If you have never worn a bang - try.

Do not be afraid to flirt. Innocent flirtation always toned girl, she instinctively wants to look in the eyes of men more attractive. Do not hesitate to attract the attention of the opposite sex. It is advisable to only do it outside of work - an affair with a colleague - it's not a good idea. Although, of course, there are exceptions. Needless to overdo it with the number of novels, do not take for example imitation of the same heroines of "Sex and the City." Remember that in the end, each found a man of her dreams.

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