How matted coat

How matted coat
 Felted items are gaining in popularity. Therefore, more and more often you can see not only the elements of decor, toys, slippers, handbags, etc., made of wool, but also more global things. For example, the coat.
 Art felting wool has already 8000 years. During this time, people have learned to do a lot of masterpieces from a simple piece of fur and using a special needle. Today, one can often meet the fashionistas, flaunting in his own matted wardrobe items. Especially popular with felting needle women enjoyed coat.

It is best suited for felting alpaca or mohair normal. Starting work, be sure to check the quality of raw materials. To do this, crumple in the hands of a piece of woolen thread, then soak it and soap. Continue rubbing it between your hands. All rinse and rub again. If after such procedures the yarn does not want to stray into a ball, then for it you just do not come in handy.

Next is to determine how you play the way - wet or dry. When dry, just use a special needle. With its help, you need to cling to wool, confuse it, the thick pieces of material. Needle is very convenient to form the desired shape of the product. If this tool several times to stick to the same place, you can get the original packing material and concavity.

Wet felting is also called another classic made with water, soap and strength of human hands. To a certain piece of stringy products, wool lay on the table, then place it on a colored wool, according to a specified pattern, and soak it all soapy water. Now you can start to rub your hands in opposite directions until the locks are not well between mate. Indicator will be the fact that they will not rip apart. Rinse off the soap with warm water, gently squeeze and let dry.

Felting his coat, you can choose any of these methods. However, it will go faster than you, if you decide to work on a classic scenario. After all, the volume of material will be big enough. Sculpture for wool coats take the whole web, so you do not have to interconnect many details. Remove and arrange measurements wool so that it is under these fit with the 30% shrinkage of the material during operation. Start fooling the instructions.

Wool coat you can choose absolutely any color. At the initial stage felting your task - to give the product the desired shape. That is, for example, to make the front right shelf. Look carefully at how you obtained the same fabric that should be standards. If you see defects tweak their hands, rolling it a little longer in this place material.

Once all the elements of the coat are ready, leave to dry and proceed to the assembly. Carefully sew the parts together, closing up the seams and correcting irregularities. You can sew the lining. And your coat ready felting.

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