Freedom within the dress code

Freedom within the dress code
 The concept of "dress code" has become increasingly intrude into Russian life. Office style dictates the rules of clothing, sets strict limits. Same costumes, monotonous hairstyles, unfashionable shoes - that's what seems most at the thought of how to meet the office dress code.
 But perhaps not all that bad. It deprives the dress code and the freedom to choose a woman of her personality? Not at all. The main thing is to pick up your office wardrobe is not only in accordance with the requirements of the company, but also for its shape and to your liking. Properly selected jacket, trousers beautiful not only will meet even the most stringent requirements in terms of office clothes, but also help you to hide the flaws of the figure, make yourself slimmer appearance to give solidity and value. It is important that things are of good quality. Not necessarily prohibitively expensive, and well-tailored from good fabrics.

Suits can be decorated with beautiful stylish brooch on the left lapel of a jacket or a jacket. Even an ordinary black suit acquire a completely different look, if you add to it skillfully mated expensive silk handkerchief. Very interesting accessory that can afford the employee even the "puritanical" minded company - it's a tie. He will make your look really elegant and will give your appearance a little eroticism.

Bright and fashionable at the same time rigorous piece of office suit can be carefully selected blouses. With apache collar, armhole with English, is worn underneath the jacket, they will give femininity, emphasize the advantages of the figures and distinguish you from the crowd of "office plankton".

Expensive leather shoes will help you while staying within the office requirements to fully reflect their individuality in clothing and style. This may be the classic "boats", shoes with open nose, even shoes fashionable now "platform" is certainly not a vulgar thick. Shoes do not necessarily have to be black. Pick them appropriate color bag. These accessories will dilute the severity of office attire.

Speaking of bags. This is a great way to stay within the requirements of the company and to make your outfit "flavor" and a fraction of bohemian elegance.

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