Dress with peacock print

Dress with peacock print
 This year once again became relevant along with animal prints. For such topics addressed many fashion houses and designers: Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Etro, Kenzo, Moschino, Sonia Rykiel, etc. Although the "King of the season," proclaimed the leopard, is no less interesting and impressive look outfits in color and pattern, reminiscent of a peacock's tail. Long and short dresses, skirts, blouses with peacock print was created in order to pay attention surrounding their possessor.

However, choosing such outfits, often, self-confident girl. In order not to get lost against the background of a bright peacock coloring, you need to have enough catchy appearance. The person who appeared in a dress with peacock print certainly make an impression on the audience, as he usually does, and "hero of the occasion" - peacock.

Creating a dress with peacock print designers prefer cool colors: blue, gray, dark green and smooth flowing fabrics, such as silk. Dress with peacock print, may be short and to the floor, both direct and flying flared. Prints can be located all over the dress and can decorate only part of it.

Combine dress with peacock print better with solid details that will not pull attention to itself. While, for example, the new collection Etro encourages peacock prints combine with leopard, spotted example of this is the top and long skirt peacock color.

Shoes should be chosen to match the main color of the dress or some elements of the print. May come as shoes or sandals in gold and silver - peacock, yet luxurious bird.

The same goes for jewelry. Gold will go perfectly with a peacock dress, but, more importantly, did not go too far with its quantity.

Depending on the model, a dress with peacock print will be advantageous to look even bright enough bag. For example, a couple of years ago, Katy Perry appeared at a ceremony in a blue dress with feathers and colored crimson metallic clutch in the form of plump lips. Peacock designs on clothing usually contain several colors, so choose the accessories to match one of them will be a snap.

By the way, in vogue today not only dress with peacock print, but also make-up, combining shades of peacock colors.

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