Dress for the job right

Dress for the job right
 Folk wisdom "meet on clothes" is particularly relevant in the workplace. Business suit may reflect your professionalism and your personality. Of course, it is not necessary to treat clothes as a uniform and pack themselves in office attire faceless gray mouse or nachalnitsy- "mymry." To dress "for work" should be creative, but judiciously.  

And too much expensive jewelry, and jewelry on the excess business woman looks vulgar, garish and sometimes even sloppy. If your clothes fit thick chain necklace or beads in several rows, you should wear small earrings and one not so conspicuous a bracelet.

Baggy clothes, sagging skirt or dress, divergent buttons - all this does not describe you as an excellent employee. In addition, trousers and skirts should not be too narrow, and blouses or sweaters - slim cut. That is, the clothes should emphasize the dignity of the figure, and not its weaknesses.

Too short skirt looks like an allusion to the lack of sufficient qualifications, which a woman hopes to compensate for open legs. This makes clothes look on the lower part of the body, but not in person. Your friend will not be able to absorb everything you tell him. Experts advise to wear miniskirts after work, and during the course of employment the length of skirts should be such as not to reveal too much space in the hips, especially when the woman sits. It is not necessary to divert attention of the interlocutor. Indeed, in such circumstances, even the boss can skip past the ears of those important operating points that you've been preparing to bring him.

Translucent blouses, dresses or skirts - not the best choice of clothing for work. Before you go to work, get up on the lighted area and see if there stands the silhouette of the body through matter. You should not wear a transparent blouse on a naked body, it is better to put on top of the jacket. Skirts have to be lined neprosvechivayuschey (preferably white).

Summer dresses, especially sleeveless, sandals or slippers look ridiculous in the office environment. Put something on top of this dress. As for shoes - not only allowed a very open sandals.

At work, it is not necessary to show part of the chest, even the valley between her breasts. It is at least of tact. Studies show that such a "making of sexuality" in working clothes often prevents women from a promotion. Also looks indecent business clothes with peeking bra (even if it is only a thin strap).

Remember: the inability to pick up a suit to work, where you spend a considerable part of his life, said that among other things, the absence of your important work skills! According to the team of the magazine "Forbes" faux pas in the clothing business women almost always reflected in their promotion. It must be remembered that the choice of dress for work - is the key to success and career growth.

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