Business style summer

Business style summer
 Outside view of a business woman should correspond to its status. But what about when it's summer, and want to absolve themselves of strict office clothes, dressed in a light and easy things: short skirts, shorts, tops? Do not despair, because even the strict business clothing can be beautiful and comfortable in all weather conditions.

Picking summer wardrobe for the office, primarily focused on the fabric. It must necessarily be natural: cotton, linen, silk, poplin, fine jacquard. Clothing should be comfortable and not cause discomfort, so avoid synthetic materials.

During the summer, the best move to lighter shades of fabrics. Traditional business style shades remain: gray, beige, white, coffee, blue. That the image was not too boring, you can add more cheerful colors: light pink, olive, peach. However, these shades should not be too bright - choose slightly muted colors. Of course, the colors depends on the rules of the dress code of your firm or company. If there are no significant restrictions can buy things bright. However, they should not be colored - choose monochrome options simple cut, with no extra parts and components. It is desirable that the image was only one bright thing, the rest should be neutral shades. If your company is not welcome bright colors in clothes, you can use accessories to make the image more interesting and lively. This may be, for example, belt or shoe bright.

Be sure to buy a blouse different light shades. The sleeve does not have to be long - quite appropriate length of ¾, and short sleeves. But sleeveless models should be avoided as well you draw command to be misunderstood.

Also, the hot summer weather is no excuse for short skirts. As before, the model should be chosen or knee-length 5 cm above it. Since at high temperatures unbearable to wear tights, make sure to have in your wardrobe present light pants several models.

Particular attention should be paid to hair - hair should always be clean and well laid. In hot weather, the ideal solution would be neatly tied back hair.

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