Blouses and shirts: how to enhance the beauty of the body

Blouses and shirts: how to enhance the beauty of the body
 Clothing - a real tool by which a woman creates her figure. This applies to any object of our wardrobe, whether it dresses, pants or shoes. However, the true master of the art of beauty can rightly be considered a girl who knows how to highlight its beauty with a simple blouse or shirt.

What makes us attractive and attracts the views of others? Perfect figure? No. If she becomes the object of attention, something more like a museum object, people slip on the girl eyes ... and move on. Genuine attention and interest are girls who are in their clothes feel great and independent, confident in its beauty. So the first rule that you should follow, trying to pick up her blouse - their feelings. Drop the word "comfort" - it is inappropriate here. Genuine sense of self-attraction not be confused with anything. And you have to find it yourself.

In addition to this universal rule there are some others that should know before you go on the hunt for the perfect (or even better - ideal) shirt.

First we need to determine the type of opportunities impartially of the figure. It must be made in terms of "thick" or "anemic" and a detailed analysis of all of its body parts. Perhaps you have a few too wide hips compared to the waist or confuses you tall. All these features are easily corrected, if we treat them not as enemies but as allies.

Today in the shops a rich selection of a variety of blouses and shirts, of feminine and romantic to seemingly borrowed from the male wardrobe. Use this diversity as much as possible - to try on all styles and colors, as in any other way you will not understand what is really emphasize the beauty of your figure.

Play with colors and shapes. If you want to visually enlarge the chest, look for bright colors. Dark colors are known to make us leaner and sleeker. Not tall girls usually do not recommend choosing elongated cardigans, but it usually can not be considered universal. Very often you can find miniature ladies dressed in tunics to the knee, which look pathetic and defenseless. Narrow hips easily hide under the flared things, but in this case, pay attention to the bottom: do not choose both two broad things, otherwise you run the risk of becoming like a Christmas tree. Oddly enough, but the same shirt and recommend to owners of wide hips. This is because the normal length shirt ends just at the point where you would like to divert attention.

In addition to the cut, pay attention to the texture of the fabrics: they are heavier than the more volume they give your figure. They better be careful. But light blouses and shirts are recommended for almost everyone. This particularly applies to fashion this season translucent things. But do not forget that the really attractive not frankness and mystery, so under such things should wear closed top or T-shirt.

In your power to land a spot on a white blouse, to convince everyone that it is the idea of ​​the designer. Be calm and natural, and soon you are attacked matters where you purchased this wonderful jacket. Silent and enigmatic smile will only add to your popularity along.

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