Blouse - weapons of feminine beauty

Blouse - weapons of feminine beauty
 With the help of clothing every woman strives to emphasize their individuality, charm and originality. All of the fair sex love to update the wardrobe, and almost any woman's wardrobe are blouses.

To date, blouses popular than ever because of their beauty, comfort and practicality. At the same time, especially fashion models are with ruffles, ruffles and drapes, which give a special charm and ease.

Every woman should have a few different options blouses for any occasion. It should be remembered that the clothing is designed to conform to the image and emphasize the dignity of its owner. Shirts will be a faithful companion modern, successful and confident woman that monitors fashion trends and who appreciate quality and elegance. They allow to recover any wardrobe, becoming a great alternative to the usual sweaters.

Blouse should be selected according to the characteristics of the figure. For the figure-trapezoid fit slightly form-fitting model of light colors, but the screaming colors should be avoided.

In the figure, the rectangle will look great blouse with square and oval cutouts. Do not experiment with flying tissues and too deep neckline. Figure-triangle can recommend styles with a flat shoulder, and from large patterns and geometric patterns should be abandoned.

Girls with hourglass figure, you need to choose a blouse, repeating lines and shapes to emphasize the waist.

Figure-apple requires selection of blouses with a shallow cut, diverging from the chest. Thus it is necessary to abandon the fitting shapes and bright colors, it is preferable to use soft colors and vertical lines.

If you have low growth, it is necessary to select those models that are visually make you taller. For example, an excellent choice would blouses with long shawl collar, deep V-neck. Should pay attention to styles that are worn with an overlap or end below the waist.

Selected blouse able to reflect the character of his mistress and her mood. For example, unbuttoned the top button will force all men heads turn, and tie up the bottom edge of your testimony will ease and daring experiments.

Blouse is a versatile article of clothing, so there are a great many variants of it, and every woman can pick up the one that suits her tastes and desires.

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