5 things to you from the male wardrobe

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 Despite the fact that the stores are now offering a variety of collections of clothes, modern ladies do not miss a chance to borrow from her beloved man anything from the wardrobe. And, if earlier a man's shirt or T-shirt woman wore only during a joint breakfast, the last few years, these things can be observed even in the office.
 Men's clothing and accessories knowingly attract women - they are made with a minimum of non-natural fabrics, laconic, but at the same time extravagant look on a fragile woman's body.

To refresh the usual wardrobe, just open the wardrobe and her boyfriend get out a couple of things.

Shirt, perhaps, is the unique classic that will fit woman. One need only pick up under it his favorite pencil skirt or trousers narrowed, highlight the waist belt, a little roll up our sleeves, and you can go to work. Shirt collar should not fasten all the buttons - a beautiful neckline to the permissible depth is permissible even in the workplace. Especially thin long neck is the best way to look at the collar turned up.

Tie way to decorate not only men but also women. The new trend of the season 2012 is the bow tie, but even if your partner is not like, fit and classic tie. Enough to let go of his little neck. It's easy to add sexuality strict business suit and demonstrate that its owner is primarily a woman, and then colleagues and business partners.

Wristwatch. Especially stylish and fashionable will look large and expensive watches on thin female wrist. Ideal - if on a leather strap. These watches are suitable not only for pantsuit and the "troika", but also to the dress.

Case or bag-portfolio is not only convenient, but also very relevant in the lives of women. Such a thing of the male wardrobe is very useful when you need to go to a business meeting or conference.

Sweater, jacket or sweatshirt, black leather jackets not only warm the cold nights, but also give some touching and romance of its owner. Surely they will be free on fragile female shoulders, but large knitted, leather and volume add the image of comfort and sense of security.

In the early twentieth century the great Coco Chanel first borrowed exclusively male things and incorporate them into the base female wardrobe. Today, modern women who want to keep up with fashion, can take a couple of days with your boyfriend shirt or belt and look stylish and no less feminine than women's accessories and apparel. The main thing is not to bring the image to the absurd and does not turn into "the guy."

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