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 Bridesmaids serve not only as a moral and psychological support, but also as an excellent decoration celebration. No matter what style of wedding will take place, and how many bridesmaids will attend next, it is important to think carefully about the way that he was able to supplement, to emphasize and highlight the bride.
 For romantic
If the thought of the upcoming wedding of her best friend makes you wipe tears of joy, you need to emphasize their lyricism. Prefer along pastel shades. Length - mini or midi. Firstly, you have to avoid being confused with the hero of the occasion, and secondly, to show off their gorgeous shoes. Classic boats lacquered color of warm milk will look great with a delicate chiffon dress, shoes with a heel stable typesetting in the spirit of the 60's peach shade will look great with a dress in retro style a-line, white sandals wedges will be wonderfully combined with a suit of a close fitting jacket , slacks or shorts flirtatious.

For daring
If the anticipation of a passionate affair stirs the blood, present yourselves strong and confident companion, show itself in all its glory, supporting the solemn march of the bride thud high heels. White leather sandals with polka dot fabric suitable for bright dresses in the spirit of New Look, platform shoes, decorated with silver studs, rivets are perfectly combined with uncompromising dress, tuxedo, worn on the naked body, and sandals decorated with crystals suitable for flowing evening dress from translucent fabric with pleating.

To provocative
If the couple decided to hold a wedding in the style of disco, you need to be on top and put himself in readiness to number one. Shimmering sandals with ankle strap will look great with a dress of plain material with an interesting texture. Patent leather shoes on a thin heels and open toe will promote decent dress with eye-catching graphic quality print. A variant with delicate necklines and flesh-colored crystals can be combined with a satin jumpsuit with a plunging neckline.

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