What to buy a fur coat

What to buy a fur coat
 Prepare sleighs in summer, and in winter the cart. So says a Russian proverb. So today talk about choosing fur - it's time. Fashion for fur coats stable and more conservative. Therefore, the right choice is of great importance. Decide first what you want to coat, how are you going to wear it. Because if you are, for example, spend a lot of time behind the wheel, you need short, from the short-haired fur (mink, otter). Experts advise to buy a fur coat in specialized stores. Since the detection of marriage, you can always exchange the product or return the money spent.  

Buying fur today - is the investment of money, so special care should be attributed to its visual examination. It is best to choose products from winter furs, ie furs made in winter. Their fur is more dense and shiny due to dense undercoat. It should be noted on the reverse side fur - scrapings. It should be white, soft and supple. The thickness depends on the type of inner side furs. But if the membrane is brittle and yellow, it means that fur is old and worn coat is enough. Incidentally, the well-known manufacturers of fur products, which do not fear for the quality of their fur coats, never fully sew the lining to the coat, so you can easily explore the scrapings.

Trends of the upcoming season

Fur Fashion upcoming fall-winter season is dictated appeared on the podium with new collections of famous designers. A-shaped silhouettes, cropped jackets, bold combination of fur and textiles, rounded shapes - all this will be popular and in demand.

Presented by designer Chado Ralph Rucci short jacket fur chinchilla is voluminous shapes, rounded shoulders.

Very popular this season will enjoy the daily trench coats and short coats of various textiles and leather, trimmed with fur on the collar and sleeves. Particular attention should be paid to fashion products Burberry Prorsum and Miuccia Prada, who paid tribute to the traditions, but brought into their creations own view of outdoor clothing for every day.

Another fashion trend of the season is the use of fur for trim pockets, cuffs, collars. Along this route went designers fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier and Chado Ralph Rucci, create a superb finish from various furs for his coat.

And of course, fur coats and short coats. All the fashion house Miu Miu, Prada, Balenciaga and Gucci have them in their collections. Especially popular models sleeveless coats.

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