What our wedding dress?

What our wedding dress?
 Surely, as a little girl, each of us dream of a white wedding dress. Leafing through magazines or considering wedding pictures of parents or relatives, dreamed of lush ruffles, lace and fine weightless veil. But the dream dreams, and little girls grew up in the beautiful ladies and dreams become reality. Buy or rent a wedding dress is not a problem, but sometimes you want to make it the most.

In Europe, until the middle of the seventeenth century for wedding dresses used fabrics in different color schemes. Usually the color wedding dress depended on wealth, class and region of residence of the bride. Fabrics used are different. And dear mother (brocade, embroidered with gold, silver and lace, heaps of precious stones and pearls expensive) and cheaper material (simple linen fabrics of bright colors with hand embroidery and with the addition of freshwater pearls).

After the fashion included white - the symbol of purity and innocence. And for a long time overshadowed all other colors. The bride is primarily associated with an elegant white fabric folds its luxurious wedding dress. Although at the present time is gradually returning fashion for wedding gowns having separate color elements, or completely sewn from colored fabric (mainly red, blue and yellow colors).

If the color scheme is dominated by mostly white color, the texture of fabrics now reigns its full diversity. Light, weightless, transparent, shiny, smooth matter and, of course, lace. For brides who have chosen neckline - a huge variety of fabrics with Lycra in its composition. Which in turn is very handy when spicy cutout always tries to move out to the side or even slide a magnificent bust.

The most common by far the materials used for wedding dresses - a traditional brocade, silk, crepe and lace; transparent, weightless chiffon and organza; smooth, shiny, flowing satin, satin and taffeta. Also used velvet, but less frequently (though dress of velvet and looks elegant, but it turns out very hard and at the end of holiday bride can just break out forces).

Remember, whatever you choose fabric for your wedding dress, you must take into account its technical features to make your dress does not let you down at the crucial moment.

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