What mistakes do allow fashionista

What mistakes do allow fashionista
 Even a small piece of clothing can spoil the impression of other expensive and fashionable things you are wearing. To make the right impression on others, need to know what mistakes admit women more often to prevent them.
 Avant-garde fashion collections are not always suitable for the average person. It is an art that is designed for the podium, but not for everyday wear. For example, the tendency to emphasize underwear. Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld and other trendsetters wonder, seeing under a transparent blouse light color, such as blue bra. This is primarily talking about the education of man. Underwear should remain invisible, do not need to show it to everyone, this is the same as that of the soul. According to the rules of etiquette need to hide bra straps, wear underwear to match the color of clothes, trousers with a low waist wear suitable melting, etc.

It is not necessary to adopt the trend and podiums on supershort dresses and skirts. Before you leave the house, look around yourself, not too open legs when you sit down. Also draws attention to tips and close to the views of others - do not confuse them whether your appearance.

Next misled many fashionistas regard to color clothes. Designers are advised to stick to a modest range of colors - from one to three shades. Also be careful with the white color - such clothes look fat. Pure white skirts, trousers, tights can afford only thin women. It is best to dilute the color patterns or other tones.

It is also important to remember that the shoes should be in harmony with the color of the clothes, not vice versa. Carefully select shoes or boots. Despite the fact that black or white pair of shoes can go to all the probability to make a mistake is still there.

On your existing rules of etiquette and taste speak and accessories. For example, do not wear jewelry in the fall of next spring collection. It will look ridiculous. Try not to mix styles, clothing, designed for different seasons and from different collections. Remember that things should be combined, rather than contrast.

Decorating a person can only the clothes that fit like and it was he, not all fashion trends. Things you are wearing should look neat. It is not necessary, for example, to get involved, "crumpled" fabrics - they are old and give the hostess unkempt appearance. Such clothing is suitable for the beach or at home.

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