Skirt: female weapons

Skirt: female weapons
 Trousers variety of styles for a variety of occasions, so firmly established in the women's locker room, led to the fact that women have almost ceased to wear skirts. And in vain. Skirt and not one, without any doubt, should be among the familiar and everyday clothing. The main thing is to pick up this important detail of the female image in accordance with the figure of the skirt to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages skillfully masked.
 Today's fashion is very eclectic and you can wear anything and anyone. Still, it is desirable in the selection of the skirt a few points.

Mini. These short skirts are suitable for both young and mature owners narrow hips. They can afford and mini classic straight cut. If your hips are quite voluminous, it is better to stay on the flared short skirt or pleated, like the Scottish kilt. Today, mini-skirts may be worn with tights, leggings or with leggings. By the way, this is a misconception that you need to wear a mini certainly with studs. Moderate heel ballet flats or even entirely appropriate complement the short skirt.

Midi - length skirts below the knee. This length skirt perfectly disguises the ugly knees, gives harmony and suitable for women of almost all ages and body type. This can be skirt- "pencil", indispensable for office life, skirt-year or just slightly flared skirt. Skirt length to mid-calf perfectly combined with blouses, jackets and jackets of different styles and fashions that creates countless combinations of women's wardrobe. The main thing when choosing a skirt to evaluate correctly their feet. If you, for example, the owner of thick calves, you so long skirt does not fit.

Or maxi length "on the floor". This is truly a royal length. These skirts are good and the afternoon and evening, and in the feast, as they say, and in the world. Women of all ages and types of figures will only add yourself attractiveness and charm, making this skirt length mandatory part of his style. Maxi skirts meet the most stringent office "code of dress," quite appropriate for a secular party and suitable for approaches to the theater. Black or bright colors, plain or with floral print - it all depends on the taste of the woman. These easy to pick up skirts blouses, jackets, tops, even many times to obtain a new image.

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