Romantic piece wardrobe: how to wear berets

Romantic piece wardrobe: how to wear berets
 Among the many hats can be distinguished takes. He gives the appearance of women special charm and French charm, the elegance and chic. The beauty of this headdress is that it is suitable for women of any age with any type of physical appearance. Takes can be a wonderful decoration women just need to learn how to wear it correctly.

The first thing to remember is that with which you can take to wear, and where better to choose other headgear. They belong to the romantic style of clothes and best combined with coats, skirts, knitted dresses, sweaters and shoes with high heels. Takes can be worn not only with outerwear, ie coat, but with warming dresses and sweaters. He does not weigh down the image, and not look ridiculous without a coat.

Wear light cap with embroidery and lace, and can be an accessory to elegant dresses and blouses. But with the type of sports jackets, down jackets, leather jackets and jeans takes the combined bad.

How to style your hair to take accentuates your beauty? Stylists believe that the worst-case scenario - to hide her hair under a headdress or braid them into a braid. Without a doubt, even short hair coquettishly should peek out from under him. Long hair and medium length hair you need to brush and put a middle parting. No need to collect hair from behind, they must lie flat, as if they had no headgear. If you have bangs, takes her to be, that is not to hide it.

Place it on the head can be different, depending on the shape of the face and the personal preferences of women. You can slightly shift takes one side, you can move it to the back of the head to cover the back of the head. There is a universal rule - the bigger in headdress, the farther from the forehead it should be.

Choosing takes guided, first of all, the size and shape of the head and face shape. Girls with a small head is best to choose a model and volumetric wear them slightly to the side.

Fashionable items are bulky knitted berets. This product can be pulled down over his forehead, if you do not have bangs, and let him free to lie on his head. Large knitted berets of bright yarn perfectly suited to any autumn outfit.

Notably the model with brooches. As a rule, should be a brooch and a bit on the front side. Product with brooch can be worn on one side, and is often taken with a brooch to be raised. Better to avoid models with a brooch, if your outfit is overloaded with bright flashy details. Better if brooch and buckle coat or dress will be the only eye-catching accessories.

Headgear country style, decorated with buttons and crocheted flowers to skillfully combine with the rest of the clothes. This will take bad combined with a strict dress or coat, but is perfect for a cozy knit dress, cardigan or sweater.

As for color, there is in modern fashionistas complete freedom. Fashion allows a very bold color combination, of course, within reason. Classic black, white and beige beret certainly fit to any outfit.

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