Retrostil in fashion

Retrostil in fashion
 Nostalgia, fantasies images of the century inspired clothing designers in the fashion season Spring-Summer 2011 models of the past and remember to re-enter the fashion retro style. And as new - it is well forgotten old, the retro model in the world today look pretty original and new way.

Fashionable women's clothing in 2011 is a dress Baby-Doll, dressed fashionistas present in the 60s and 80s. This model has overestimated the waist in the style of "Empire". Such a cut fit and slender women, and those who want to hide figure flaws. The material for these models is silk or wool, and the silhouette dresses - or trapezoidal shaped A. The length dresses - average.

Retro fashion style skirts gives us a "peasant" model in ethnic style, with a characteristic finish and prints. But these skirts should not be flashy and bright colors reminiscent of theatrical props.

Retro style, and presents us with a blouse that fastens around the neck bow. This blouse can be worn with a skirt and trousers. It's pretty sexy, but nothing reveals.

Do not let their positions this season and tight jeans, slimming figure. But they have to be sewn from classic denim - no scuffs and embroideries.

Retro fashion style 2011 returns us leggings. They should be dark colors and not have lace trim.

Another "representative" retro fashion was the platform used in modern shoes. And there she was in the shoes and wedges, and heels. These sandals or shoes will delight women for their beauty and convenience, and add them to a few inches of growth. If you value comfort, choose the model of shoes in which the platform 2, 5 cm in height, and heel or wedge - 10 cm.

Fishnet lingerie and feminine is the current retro fashion. The more lace and frills, the more beautiful. Besides promoted underwear from soft natural fabrics, while tightening synthetic bras and thong thing of the past.

Complete your retro image this summer sunglasses are designed with typical 60-70s rim and style. The main colors of frames will be different shades of brown, as well as floral and with animal prints.

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