Offstage: Tutu

Offstage: Tutu
 Tutu, which appeared in the mid-nineteenth century as the "uniform" of dancers, has long been the privilege of not only the stage but also the podium. For the first time in the pack appeared on the screen cult heroine of the series "Sex and the City" Carrie Bradshaw, and then all the ladies of the world fashion trend took note.
 In 1839, the ballerina Marie Taglioni commissioned artists and costumers to make for her brand new stage attire. It was an easy, flying skirt of translucent fabric. Unlike modern packs, it reaches to mid-calf and consisted of fewer layers. However, a new word in fashion ballet was said, and since the mid-nineteenth century ballerina began to emerge on the scene in such packages. Over time, it was decided to decorate their feathers or shiny stones. Along with usual skirts, in the twentieth century ballet tutus greatly shortened. And then completely off-stage life gained by becoming part of a fashionable wardrobe of film stars, club party girl and, of course, the bride.

In one of the episodes of "Sex and the City" heroine Sarah Jessica Parker wore a white tutu with the stylist of the series in a burst of insight gained in some second-hand for just five dollars. Buying was more than successful: the later variations on the tutu-skirt again and again used in the wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw, and in 2008 the designer Alexander McQueen finally "legitimized" ballet uniforms in the pre-to-wear fashion collection created in which the main place was given to the pack.

Periodically, at film festivals and in nightclubs in the form of Hollywood dancers appear that socialite Paris Hilton, the actress Christina Ricci, the singer Rihanna. In combination with corsets, jackets and even army boots packs look something romantic, something provocative.

It would seem that such a specific clothing should not go beyond the red carpets, as the average girl to wear a tutu strongly nowhere. However, a few years ago, romantic skirt of tulle has adopted a wedding fashion. Today, in many forums on the internet brides can find step by step recommendation on how to independently just over an hour to make a skirt, a pack with a few meters of tulle and a wide satin ribbon to show off in her shooting love story or bachelorette party.

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