It is permissible to luxury or 3 of the myth of natural silk

It is permissible to luxury or 3 of the myth of natural silk
 Silk fabric was first received in China about 4700 years ago, then it was very expensive and valuable material. Due to water absorption, durability, lightness, thinness and curative properties of silk clothes became a privilege of the emperors. Today the secret of silk production is known to all, and this tissue can be purchased at an affordable price in many stores.
 There are still myths about natural silk, many consider this fabric expensive and inaccessible. The most common errors can name three.

The first myth: "Natural silk can not be distinguished from the artificial." In order to find out whether natural silk in front of you, it is enough to pull a few strings of fabric and set them on fire (with permission of the store employees). Immediately smell smoke - burning, silk smell of burning hair. The resulting black lump of mash in his hands - he turns into dust. Artificial material will melt or smolder with the smell of burnt paper.

The second myth: "silk products are always shiny, smooth and slippery." Silk satin, indeed, has a smooth surface, so it is not very suitable for sewing linen - you'll just roll out of bed. However, today there are many varieties of silk fabric, some of whom are quite slip - for example, crepe de chine, wet silk, silk with peach skin effect. This matter is very pleasant to the touch and well kept on the bed.

The third common misconception is that the silk is expensive and not available to everyone. In fact, silk-known designers costs from $ 100 per square meter, but in this case you pay for fashionable design and name. The usual material can be found at the most affordable price - from 10 to 50 dollars per square meter. In many ways, the price determined by the density and texture of the fabric.

Fabrics, hand painted - Twal, gas-chiffon, delicate satin, crepe de chine are even cheaper (3-10 dollars per square meter), but their costs will be added in the future value of color, tailoring, etc. It is from such fabrics sew linens, clothing, accessories, etc. There is even a silk jersey - wear out of it is very convenient and suitable even for young children. Overall, today was the silk for the residents of Russia is quite the permissible luxury.

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