How to wear jeans

How to wear jeans
 In recent decades, jeans have become a popular item of clothing, it is appropriate in almost any situation. But so far it is not clear what specifically to combine them. There are many options and knowing at least a small part of them, you will be able to successfully create beautiful images.
 Denim material - comfortable and suitable for everyday wear. Products of durable, rarely cause allergies and look great with the right combination with other items of clothing. The main thing - take into account the style of your jeans when you select the top of the garment.

Skinny jeans are perfect for girls who love heels and have a slender figure. Fitting, narrowed down, they emphasize the legs and shoes with heels makes them visually longer. To such a suit blouses, jackets and sweaters are strict and voluminous sweaters and T-shirts. This model can be combined with sneakers, sneakers and other shoes sports type.

Jeans - flared again come back into fashion. Fitting top and bottom of the advanced, they will look great in companies with tight tops as long or short sleeves.

Classic straight cut is relevant at all times. Combine them with blouses and shirts, and your stylish hardly be questioned. Remember that a straight cut is suitable for almost all types of figures.

Jeans with high waist (high landing) will not work with curvaceous ladies, as only fit a protruding portion. Slender same can fill in their shirt and complement high-heeled shoes. This way it is not necessary to burden the bulk ornaments.

Jeans with a low-slung, so popular among the younger generation, stress curves of the body. This model leaves room for the choice of the top. You can choose a free sweater, fleece jackets tight or snug blouse. Low waistline will look like with shoes and sneakers.

Choosing jeans in the store, always take them to the size or two smaller than yours. This will help prevent rapid wear - good models always stretch and sit strictly on the figure in just a pair of socks.

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