How to start a wedding dress

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 In the life of any girl's wedding dress has a special place. This outfit is the experience of many generations, the echoes of ancient rites and traditions. It is chosen carefully, meticulously interest. Today's fashion is quite progressive, but such open-mindedness was not always the case. The history of the wedding dress has for many centuries and is the link between the generations. Soaking up the experience and the traditions and customs, attire is constantly changing, bringing something new to the appearance of the bride.

Prototype of the modern wedding dress is considered to be the ancient Greek outfit "peplos" which consisted of a rectangular piece of cloth, fastened on the shoulders of the pins. Of course, the wedding dress shilsya version of the more expensive white cloth and decorated with all kinds of embroidery. Particular attention was paid Decorations: earrings, rings, bracelets, various amulets, head crowned wreath or use a thin veil. Next Greek dress got to Rome, then to Byzantium, and then in ancient Rus. However, to our ancestors, it came somewhat modified. The dress was a multi-layered, acquired sleeves and replaced the white color, red robes came that the Slavs considered a symbol of wealth and beauty. Russian bride in wedding day trick out a long shirt with wide sleeves, worn over a sundress and sleeveless jackets. Such a suit remained in Russia until the beginning of the reign of Peter I, who issued an order to go to European dress pushed the Russian customs in remote places, where even for a hundred years maintained the old order and the bride walked down the aisle, obryazhayas in traditional dress. 

In the 15th century fashion changed. Style icon became a "heavenly image" of the bride: narrow shoulders and waist, thin brush, long neck. For such an ideal sought by all the medieval beauty, creating it with the clothes. One of the most fashionable styles was "kotardi". It consisted of the upper and lower Dresses. Mandatory attribute had long sleeves that covered the wrist and long pointy shoes. Another feature of the bride's dress was a headdress in the form of a tower - Henin, which reaches a height of 70 centimeters. It was decorated veil Floor. Color dress matched the wishes of the groom's family, but the most popular, as in ancient Russia, considered red or purple. As in the days of the Inquisition was not allowed freedom of dress, the wedding dress was a pleasant exception. It tried to make the most expensive and fashionable fabrics and how to decorate richer. Just then there was a tradition to sew the wedding new, especially for the case are identical dress. 

In place of the austere medieval time has come to the Renaissance. In vogue curvy shape and the natural proportions. Dress fitting shape gently, without restricting movement, and to the bottom folds odds. For weddings the bride chose a white satin or silver brocade, and the most popular decoration was a pearl, which was embroidered dress and flew into the bride's hair. But such a naturally preserved for long. Subsequent outfits reminiscent of a metal cage, covered with fabric. Tight corset, skeleton and many starched skirts for pomp and another feature - a collar that was nicknamed "millstone" and who also had at its core framework. Dress could be any color, everything depended on the position of the bride, as well as the country where she lived. For example, the green, so beloved in Ireland, England was considered bait for evil gnomes and spirits.

Gradually deepened fashionista neckline, made her skirt even more magnificent, wore white powdered wigs, and introduced an indispensable attribute of dresses - loop. After this period of wedding dresses are gradually beginning to lose its geometric. And replaced corsets and skirts lush comes Empire style. High waist small sleeves, bedding tones are top of elegance and style. And it is in this era appear white wedding dresses. Fashion on the color put Princess Murat, Napoleon's cousin, who was dazzling in white wedding dress.

Starting from the 30s of the 19th century, fashion has been changing ever more rapidly. Gradually over time, wide skirts completely out of fashion, and dresses became shorter. Revolutionized the world of fashion has made Coco Chanel, offering the world a wedding dress with a skirt to the knee.

Today, the bride can afford all that enough of her imagination and courage. Wedding services market is very well developed and can offer any refinement, starting with corsets, lush skirts, tunics, shorts ending. Therefore, for the modern bride can only rejoice, since they can choose themselves what they believe to be the best option and what they will undoubtedly look unique on this auspicious day.

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