How to dress to look slimmer

How to dress to look slimmer
 One of the most effective ways to look slimmer - it is to lose a few pounds. But if everything in life was as simple as a word! But do not despair, because there are many alternative ways. For example, to choose the right clothes can look noticeably slimmer.

Wide hips

Massive hip parade is not recommended. Mini emphasizes completeness legs and attaches to them all the attention. Balance figure can be using pencil skirts dark colors combined with a light top. Insufficiently large breasts and you can visually enlarge the frill, flounces, ruffles and other decorative elements. This will help to divert attention from the bottom of the figure.


When waist area is far from ideal, be careful not to expose waist and belly. Eliminate from your wardrobe for a while trousers and skirts with low-slung. Fitting models should also be avoided. Blouse smaller not hide flaws, but only focuses attention on them. Opting for dark tones, note the different body and kombidresy that visually will remove wrinkles on the sides, abdomen, back and help you look slimmer.

Hands full

Women with full hands should refuse tops, shirts, blouses with American armholes and other models, opening his arms and shoulders. It is best to pick up things with style sleeves "bat", three-quarter kimono armhole. If you still really need to wear a blouse with open hands, then at the same time to look slimmer thing should choose a light that is close to the color of their skin.


What to do on the beach, when the clothes must be limited to a minimum? And in this case, can be easily fooled perception. Bikini, of course, have to leave the house, and instead buy One Piece Swimsuits dark color. Choosing the right model, remember that horizontal pattern (especially strips) visually expands the figure, and the vertical - creates the desired effect. Eyewash use glasses half face, a big hat with a wide brim, large bracelets, necklaces and other accessories.

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