How to dress the figure

How to dress the figure
 If a woman wants to always look elegant, it is necessary to know how to choose the right clothes. For this purpose we critically evaluate all perfection and appearance defects. Because a properly fitted wardrobe items must visually hide all the flaws figures and focus on the basic dignity. Emphasize different parts of the body can be achieved by a suitable length dress, her silhouette and texture.
 Clothing should be carefully selected based on the size. If a short woman wears a huge thick sweater, then it will look badly, as enhance the perception of small stature. The same kind of ridiculous to have a full woman dressed in tight dress. This dress will accentuate a look at the folds and other relief areas of her body.

To the image of women was a stylish, all items of clothing should complement each other. For example, a deep neckline blouse or dress will emphasize the chest and visually lengthen the neck. At the same time, if the breast is small, it is possible to visually enlarge using quilling. Breeches and cropped trousers visually shorten the leg, so just go leggy ladies. Distract from full leg can long straight pants and long skirts, if a woman is tall.

Things with a V-shaped neckline visually contribute to the fact that the figure becomes more narrow and refined. Locked same neck, on the contrary, shortens the neck, so the upper part of the figure seems more massive.

One of the common mistakes when choosing clothes - the wrong clothes, especially a bra. Qualitative bra keeps breasts tightly, giving it the desired shape, but not tight. Therefore, it is the correct choice of the element of underwear depends how will sit on a dress or blouse figure.

In the selection of wardrobe should carefully approach the selection of the belt. Very often women make mistakes when buying this accessory. Low girls should not wear fashionable wide belt, as it shortens the already low figure, making her squat. Tall and slim girls this kind of garment decoration will come in handy.

Incorrectly selected shoes can also worsen the appearance of women. For example, on the legs with full calves do not wear shoes, fastened at the ankles. And shoes with heels always visually lengthens the silhouette. It can be worn as a high and low-growing girls. The legs did not seem shorter, stockings should be selected to match the boots.

If a woman has wide hips, but fragile upper body, you must use the correct proportions of clothing. For this fit flared skirts and skirt-year. With this figure can not be narrowed to wear pants, trousers with a high waist and straight jackets.

When a figure with flat, not prominent hips should wear wide belts, form-fitting costumes. In this case contraindicated in tight dresses and pants, which further accentuate this problem.

Obese women should be free to choose, but the form-fitting dresses or suits from soft, but not brilliant bestowal pearlescent fabrics. Gorgeous breasts underlined deep and wide necklines. It should also wear a wide hoodies and sweaters, trousers narrowed. These things can ruin the figure.

Texture of fabrics and patterns are also used to create optical illusions. For example, a fabric with a satin gloss effect focus on all convex figures. It is worth remembering full ladies. Straight horizontal and vertical lines are also full. Conversely, if a vertically disposed patterns and shapes, they are slender. A black "eats" all you need to hide.

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