How to choose a mink coat

How to choose a mink coat
 Fur coats are in high demand among Russian buyers. This is not surprising, because in the harsh Russian winter fur products - not just desirable, but necessary purchases. By purchasing a mink coat, the main thing - to choose a quality product that will warm in the winter cold for a dozen years.
 Practice valuable fur substitute cheaper existed already in the XIV century. Now for mink fur which can be worn around ten seasons, often try to give dyed rabbit or groundhog. The product of the fur of these animals will serve you no more than two to four years. To distinguish a fake, remember that the guard hair mink short, one long, dense and elastic. In the rabbit it is too soft, while the Groundhog - different-sized.

The leather mink is very plastic. To see this, turn the product inside out. If the manufacturer has nothing to hide, then lining on the bottom of the coat will not be sewn. If the hem sewn up, you have the right to ask the seller carefully podporot it. This is necessary to make sure whether the quality tanned skins. When compressing scrapings should not rustle or crackle. Otherwise, it may indicate that the fur is too dry and, unfortunately, a fur coat out of it will last you long. Color flesh side products unpainted skins should be white, yellow - says that old fur. Pay attention to the seams, which are interconnected skins if they are carefully and finely stitched - all right, glued - such a thing could fall apart after the first snowfall. View all sewn to the lining of the labels. Information and labeling on them should be the same.

The face of the qualitative dressed fur mink shiny without bald spots, with a thick undercoat. Try to pat the product in the opposite direction of hair growth. In the palm should not remain villi and broken guard hairs. This may mean that a fur coat "climb", and after a couple of seasons such product bald. Did not hesitate to sniff coat: fur, wrought qualitatively, smells good. Skin, dressed artisanal usually has an unpleasant, pungent smell.

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