How to choose a coat of Mouton

How to choose a coat of Mouton
 In mutonovyh coats have a clear advantage over products from other furs. Due to the fact that the fur is treated by a special technology, the service life of up to 10 coats mutonovoy seasons. When etomizdelie a clean look and sits well in the figure.
 Choosing mutonovuyu coat, pay attention to the quality of fur. For this purpose it is necessary to compress the fur in his hand, and then let him go. If he took the original form, then all right. Move your hand against the growth of wool fur if villi for broken or stuck, then you can buy a fur coat. Try to pull out a couple of the villi, if it did not work, fur quality.

Fur color also need to be tested. Take a damp cloth and a light swipe fur. If it was painted without disturbing the technology should not remain on the rag.

A significant role in the selection of coats mutonovoy plays its quality tailoring. Check out how stitched seams, there are no gaps, do not stick out whether the thread. Bad if the seams are too prominent, it will bring discomfort owner coats, but too smooth seams indicate that the coat does not sewn, but simply glued together, and a fur may soon just fall apart.

To avoid fakes, try to give preference to well-known manufacturers, scrutinizing labels and labels. Ask the seller to give you a certificate for selected fur. In its absence is better to abandon the purchase.

When a certificate is necessary to ask the warranty card, or may later manifest defects invisible at first sight. In the absence of the warranty card in the future, if necessary, to claim the seller, you can not.

The next stage of the selection mutonovoy coats will be her fitting. Today the market fur large range of different styles mutonovyh coats, so choose a suitable not a big deal. If you want your coat to serve you for a long time, making it a fitting note whether you comfortable in it, and whether it suits you in size. With some very fine discomfort, it is better to abandon the proposed products to further does not regret the purchase.

Should not be in the pursuit of fashion to choose mutonovuyu coat, to which are attached various accessories with sharp edges or edges, they can damage the fur.

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