How to buy a fur coat in Italy

How to buy a fur coat in Italy
 The choice of coats, regardless of the place of purchase, is a complex and time consuming activity. So first of all future possessor luxury apparel should be allocated for the purchase of more than one hour, and at least a day. For lovers of shopping this day in Italian boutiques can be enjoyable and memorable.
 I need to start to understand what is more important: the economic benefit of buying or fashion brand. From your choice will depend on a visit to Italy. At the beginning of the season - from September to November - you will be given a wide range of coats of all collections. However, prices will also reach its maximum. If you prefer to save, the best time for shopping during sales in January-February.

In Italy, there is one city, a recognized trade center skin coat. Preference is given to three cities: Rome, Milan and Rimini. In Rome will find a desired purchase handmade sewing enthusiasts. This is where the factory is located coats Fend. In Rimini there are expensive, exclusive fur coats, and more efficient products. Milan characterized by a plurality of fur studio and shopping centers, specializing in the sale of fur coats.

The most important question to be answered by the shopper coats, quality of the product she wants. For Russians one of the important criteria is the wear fur. Quality, but are expensive coats of sable and mink. More fuel-efficient, while not conceding on lifetime - products otter and beaver. If you are interested in a high heat resistance of fur, then you need to pay attention to the fox, deer, marten or sable.

Be sure to pay attention to the quality of tailoring. A large number of seams makes less durable fur. Check the coat on the reverse side. Pay attention not only on the major parts - the back, front, but also on small - sleeves, yoke. Decide on a style coats in advance. Explore the fashion trends of the season.

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