How and what to wear top with lacing

How and what to wear top with lacing
 Almost every girl has in her wardrobe tops with lace. This is not surprising, since using the tops can be simply adapted to different fashions. In addition, top with lace looks great with a variety of accessories and other items of clothing.

The most important feature of such a stamp - is plain and simple cut. Top lace-up perfectly with a shirt, jacket, cardigan. The material from which the garment is manufactured, has to be natural. Excellent option can become a top made of natural fabric with lycra or nylon.

Fitting tops lace look great with almost all garments. You can not be afraid to experiment, they are perfect to jeans and a long flared skirt. In his wardrobe can be white, black and brown top. They are also suitable for everyday wear and for an evening out.

In addition to standard fitting tops lace can pick up something more interesting, for example, top with lace, decorated with rhinestones, models with different sleeves. Very interesting and romantic can look at the top of the lace fabric, with different ruffles and puffed sleeves. These models are suitable and simple jeans and formal wear. Evening option stamp lace-up should show more nudity and have less discreet cut. Furthermore, in addition to the need to add the appropriate jewelry and accessories.

Every girl can have in her wardrobe at least one top lace-up, it will almost always appropriate. Red top will help draw attention to themselves, white is perfect for the summer, and the black is the perfect choice for any weather.

Best of all tops lace combined with a plain and perfectly sitting on a figure bottom. If you wish to remove a bit of elegance, you can throw a cardigan on top or wear a jacket.

In order not to look like a parrot or a Christmas tree, bright top with lacing is better to combine with a plain, discreet bottom. It is best if the girl in clothes will combine up to four colors.

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