How and what to wear boas

How and what to wear boas
 Well, ladies? We hasten to introduce you to a cute and unjustly forgotten accessory - boa on the podium! Fur, natural or artificial - it does not matter, it is important that it is still charmingly decorated, warm and pleases its possessor.  

In order to understand what to wear boas, you need to delve into the history of the accessory. Originally boa bore the function of decorative scarf or collar to the garment where it was not. Excrete boas from whole skins of fox, fox or sable, and left claws on their feet, and instead of eyes were inserted rhinestones.

In the natural process of changing fashion and appearance, skin shortened or lengthened, periodically turning it in a short scarf, then approaching the tippet.

Today, designers excel with boas, as soon as they want, and offer wear them with anything, well, except, perhaps, sporty style.

If you have previously boa is unquestionably glamorous and chic garment that "findings in the light" of its owner, complete with an evening dress and a deep neckline, then today you might as well wear a pair of boa to strict office dress or pantsuit use it as a fur scarf under a jacket or coat, carelessly wrapped in her shoulders and neck, or just thrown over one shoulder.

Great variety of styles, patterns and materials used to make boas. Clasp or knotted satin ribbons, intertwine around neck loosely lying on the shoulders, covering (or emphasizing the deep cleavage), fixed so that the legs and muzzle animal are on the same level, which turned into short fur scarves - the world Boas is huge.

Perhaps the only requirement when deciding what to wear boas - minimalism image that you are going to supplement this accessory. Not to be confused boa and chains, pendants, necklaces - it will damage the fur and cause a strange mix of style.

No need to dress her in the same way if you intend to use more than 2 colors at once in your image.

And the rest - go ahead and be adorable, cute fashionista.

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