Hide figure flaws using leotard

Hide figure flaws using leotard
 In today's fashion you can find a wide variety of swimwear from leading designers. Every woman's choice is very wide. If you want to hide your swimsuit flaws and emphasize the advantages, you should follow a few rules when choosing your ideal bathing suit. In this case, on the beach you will look simply irresistible.

If you are the owner of broad, massive thighs and slightly bulging belly, choose a swimsuit with indoor inserts that adjust the waist and abdomen. Pick a bright color swimsuit with drawings or different patterns, with ruches and other applications. With these little tricks you make your body more harmonious and feminine. Ruffles and bright patterns distract attention from problem areas, such as the stomach or large thighs.

If you are the owner of a very magnificent bust, choose a dark top, preferably plain, colors such as black, blue, brown, purple, dark green, etc. To the chest well kept and emphasizes the benefit, elect bodice with underwire cups with wide straps. Bottom swimsuit pick a light color with a pronounced pattern.

If you are the owner of a small bust, you fit swimwear with foam inserts. Ruffles betray splendor of your breasts. Suitable as a horizontal pattern and metal inserts.

If you have very broad shoulders, select a swimsuit with a deep V-neck. Circular cutout is also suitable. Avoid very small cuts, a variety of bows and frills, which visually increase the width of the shoulders.

Attention from short neck distract using your swimwear with wide and deep neckline. Ideal swimsuit strapless. Avoid models with drawings of horizontal stripes and a small cut.

If you are the owner of narrow shoulders, the chest Emphasize using intricate drapery and bright shade. Deep cleavage in this case is absolutely contraindicated, it will attract even more attention to this drawback.

If you are the owner of volume are elected fused swimsuit desirable dark colors. It must be exactly your size, or smaller swimsuit visually only increase your options.

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