Club Dress: selection rules

Club Dress: selection rules
 Club dresses fashion shows to special requirements - they need to be comfortable, sexy and sparkling. Comfort is needed in order not to hamper the movements of the dance, glitter should allocate you from the crowd and attract young people to help enticing special breed.
 Club dress should be open enough to accentuate all of your dignity. Especially beautiful outfit would look with a corset. The best option would be for such a short skirt dress, which will draw attention to the feet. The dress can be supplemented with matching accessories and jewelry.

Another interesting option would be a long dress. It will give her mistress enough mystery and femininity. This outfit will focus on the arms, shoulders and chest. Do not choose too long dress, skirt will prevent you to dance, you can catch on the heel and fall. Remember, the main feature of the club's clothes is convenience, it should not hamper movement.

Be sure to pay attention to the fabric. Dress for the club must be made of iridescent pearl or tissue. It must be brilliant, not afraid to seem tasteless and sparkling - a natural requirement to the entire club clothing, which should be poured beautifully in the spotlight and highlight the beauty of his mistress. Perfect latex. The color for the dress made of this material more suitable for black or dark blue.

Try to avoid excessively short dress, it might seem vulgar. Moreover "dangerous" length can cause many embarrassing situations. The ideal option is fitting top and bottom free, this dress will look stylish, but it will not hamper movement. Fully-fitting outfit must be made of good fabric stretch.

Perfect asymmetrical style. Club dress must be original to allocate you from the crowd. Extravagant model will look better in combination with bright colors. Under the dress for the club sure to wear high-heeled shoes.

Do not forget the accessories that complement and decorate your image. They should be bright, large and jewelry. Be sure to supplement dress belt, if you need to focus on the waist. Pay attention to the clock, it is better to wear expensive branded products or their quality copy.

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