Beach dresses: prints, lace and asymmetry

Beach dresses: prints, lace and asymmetry
 Dresses - undoubted hit beachwear. Indeed, if to choose the right dress, it is able to make you the queen of the beach. Designers offer dozens of new models every year. But not to be caught off guard suddenly come summer, take care of the choice of attire in advance.
 Lace today is quite independent material. It is used for decorating garments, or to create it. Lace inserts on the dress, the skirt or bodice, laced sleeves will make your outfit elegant and truly stylish. But the designers have gone further - they offer for trekking to the beach dress made of chiffon, fine mesh, beautiful guipure. In this dress, you can not go unnoticed.

Short dresses is the best suited to owners of slim figure and shapely legs. For example, short dresses of denim or dress safari of thick linen. These outfits will save you from the heat and clearly outline a attractive figure.

Length maxi dresses asymmetrical cut - another hit. They look especially stylish in the presence of a plunging neckline, bare shoulders, cuts on the skirt of which at each step is shown slender legs.

Bustier dress fit for a fairly tall, slender women. In the multi-layered fashion, decoration satin ribbons, ruffles. Choose the length according to your taste - defiant mini or maxi stylish.

Considered very fashionable long dress made of light flowing matter with bright multi-color prints. For example, floral, leopard, peas, with tropical animals. Also in fashion the brightest colors. Do not hesitate to choose the dress of bright blue, pink juicy, thick yellow, beautiful orange flowers. It all depends on the color of your hair and skin tone. Particularly interesting look fabric with a gradual transition of color - from lighter to deeper.

Give preference to natural fabrics - cotton, linen, silk. Will be an excellent option viscose materials, they are perfectly "breathe". In the dress should be comfortable, so choosing the outfit, consider the features of the figure. For example, a dress with a high waist will accentuate your chest and hide figure flaws possible. For owners of the body with a form of "hourglass" would be an excellent choice in the style of a safari outfit, slightly fitted, with patch pockets and a V-neck.

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