Leather jackets: how to choose and what to wear

Leather jackets: how to choose and what to wear
 Trendy leather jacket can be the basis of any image - from the restrained business to avant-garde. Beautiful jacket of soft leather successfully complement the sports kit and give an interesting touch of romantic outfit.
 Choosing a leather jacket, decide which model you can afford. Quality of thing well dressed leather is not cheap. But with proper care and neat wear a jacket will live for a long time and remain relevant for several years. Want more affordable, but no less fashionable model? Note the jackets made of artificial leather. These things can be very good quality. The main thing - to consider carefully before buying the product.

Well-tailored jacket should have a lining. Inspect it - the fabric must be uniform in color and have no spots and puffs. Check the seams - smoother than they are, the better thing. Rub the skin of a white handkerchief - if it was bad colored dyes on fabric traces remain. Finally, the smell jacket - from the things of genuine leather should proceed nice subtle scent of a well-dressed raw materials, synthetic material almost no smell. If you feel a sharp smell of acetone or fat, this may mean that the processing of raw materials have been infringed technology. Such a purchase should be abandoned.

Look for jackets in specialized stores or boutiques of your favorite brands. In the latter case, you will be able to understand what is best to wear a purchase - because this jacket will be part of the seasonal collection. Be sure to try on the item with other clothes from the range of the store, you are sure to find new and interesting combinations.

Trying jacket, pay attention to fit, particularly in the shoulder area. Too narrow a model you will not be able to fasten and overly spacious jacket will give the impression that you are wearing the thing with someone else's shoulder. The length of the sleeves should reach the wrist bone.

Rate length jacket. Tall girl suit stylish elongated jackets, miniature will be more harmonious look in the short jacket Spencer or models that resemble close-fitting blouse.

Choose a color. Black leather jacket - unconditional classics, but do not ignore the other shades. Dark brown, red, beige and white models also look very stylish. In fashion and bright things painted leather - burgundy, blue, blue, emerald green and bright red. Choosing saturated color, stop for a leather jacket with a soft matte finish. Varnished and structured bright skin looks cheap.

Decide what you will wear to update. Leather jacket in black, beige or light brown in color will make a great ensemble with classic blue jeans. Under the jacket, wear a simple smooth top or sweater, and emphasize the waist with a leather belt suitable tone.

Blonde model well with the romantic summer dresses in light-headed flower. Such wear ensembles with braided leather sandals or ballet flats simple undecorated. Complete set of bulk bag fabric, suitable for the shade of the dress.

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