From what to wear pink jacket

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 Women's jacket - a versatile piece toilet. It is suitable for creating an image of business or complement a dress suit. Try to diversify your wardrobe to include a jacket unusual color - such as pink. He will refresh your face and make your image bright and memorable - provided that you pick the right complement to the new thing.
 Pay attention to the tone of his jacket. It is very bright jacket or fuchsia colored cyclamen can pick up a dress or skirt pale pink hue - strawberry or lilac. Warm tones of coral or salmon will look foreign. With a cold and bright pink are well in tune pure blue and lilac.

A great companion for pink - beige. He looks quite neutral and does not look old-fashioned or provocative. Light jacket combine with dress pants or sand color and darker - with things the color of camel's hair. Some shades of pink in perfect harmony with shades of brown. And, of course, can be considered a classic combination of pink and gray association. Choose any shades - from pearl and ashen color to Marengo. Special attention should be pinkish-gray color.

Summer pink jacket forms a great ensemble with white stuff. This can be a mini-skirts, tops, straight trousers, airy sundresses and even white jeans. Looks very nice bright outfit, only part of which will be bright jacket. Its color can be maintained properly chosen lipstick or cravat packed, one of the shades which repeats the shade of his jacket. Do not pick up for such a set of bright shoes - they will destroy the harmony of the image.

But the black color will be much less successful companion. The combination of black and pink looks too aggressive and even a little old-fashioned - such contrasts were relevant in the 80s of the last century. Instead of the little black dress or skirt, wear a jacket things more neutral gray - so you will look much more fashionable.

Experts in business etiquette believe that things pink shades of place in the office. The exception may be muted tones of pink with gray, beige or light brown tint. These jackets can be worn with straight skirts and slacks.

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