From the history of fashion: a cocktail dress

From the history of fashion: a cocktail dress
 Cocktail dress - the only outfit, known from drinks served at parties. Provocative and daring, sexy and feminine, elegant and catchy ... always so different, cocktail dress for women long ago won the title favorite.

Who cocktail dress has become a classic. It is complemented by evening hairstyles, jewelry, stylish shoes with heels and a small handbag, in which you can fit only lipstick and a handkerchief. Today evening cocktail dress - a symbol of beauty, elegance and style of women. Hard to believe, but once it was considered scandalous and provocative.

Born cocktail dress in the US, 20 years of the twentieth century, in times of crisis and "dry law". His ancestress was the traditional dress of brocade, silk or velvet. A party to a prohibited alcohol in private homes and underground structures, then enjoyed enormous popularity. The situation prevailed on them relaxed and sexy. To make it easier to have fun and dance, women shortened their usual knee-length dresses, and instead of sleeves sewn straps. Accessory for cocktail dress often served gloves.

In 1928 cocktail dress got another purpose. It was a new dress for the dance - Charleston. This dance, as well as a cocktail dress, had a very scandalous reputation. And he needed a comfortable outfit, giving greater freedom of movement.
It is believed that the term "cocktail dress", coined by the legendary couturier Christian Dior. Them he outlined outfit for events held in the afternoon. Evening dresses continued to be a long, luxurious, ball gown. But for dinner at a restaurant or party was quite appropriate to wear a cocktail dress.

Particularly popular cocktail brought together in the late thirties Coco Chanel. Little black cocktail dress, created by her, became a cult at all times. A classic addition to the dress Coco Chanel is still, as before, is considered to be a string of pearls.

 In the sixties of the last century cocktail dress was seen as relevant in many cases outfit. His gladly worn and celebrities and ordinary people. For finishing dresses often used fur and feathers. And in the eighties cocktail dresses first began to sew from the most unexpected materials, such as jeans and leather.

Fashion at the cocktail dress once again returned in the late nineties, after the start of the demonstration of the popular TV series "Sex and the City." Due to the heroines of the series, cocktail dress has become a compulsory subject in the modern wardrobe sexy and stylish women.

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