Elegance: six commandments

Elegance: six commandments
 Elegance at all times is the main guarantee of an attractive woman. This feature combines not only external beauty, but also the mind and the ability of women interested in your partner or companion. And the elegance of dress is not just beauty, it is also a sense of proportion and style, the ability to take into account the time, place and environment when choosing the dress, the ability to pick things up on the figure. This feature has always stressed the individuality of every woman, making it irresistible.

Become an elegant not so easy, but maybe some rules will help you with this.

Firstly, do not forget that you have to be interesting as a person, so do not try to attract attention only by the bright clothes. Elegance is likely to look quite modest, but it is beautiful, so you need to know when to stop when you select different accessories and parts wardrobe. One should not blindly copy someone else's clothes, because in that case you just lose yourself as a person and will not attract outsiders their individuality.

Second, when selecting items of clothing should first of all take care of the quality of the material from which the garments. Any, even the most simple dress made of expensive and high-quality fabric can make your look more elegant and stylish. The same principle should be followed when choosing jewelry is better to put one beautiful and expensive ring than a few, but of questionable quality and appearance.

Third, remember that, in the pursuit of a sense of proportion when choosing clothes and accessories, do not go to extremes. The image of the gray mouse or bluestocking unlikely to attract the attention of others.

Fourth, to create an image of an elegant woman, do not forget to choose the right style to your perfume. Remember that you should not use a pungent odor that can sweep an entire room in which you are located. For you must be a light, subtle trail that will pull you when you walk past.

Fifthly, to be elegant, you need to properly monitor not only the quality and cleanliness of their clothes and shoes, but also for the figure, skin, nails and hair.

Sixth, remember that being stylish does not mean simply to dress up, you also need to monitor their behavior and habits, for speech as well as observe the rules of etiquette.

Wanting to create an elegant way, remember that your personality has to be in harmony with both the appearance, clothing and style, as well as with your behavior, gait and posture. Have the image of an elegant woman - a big job, but it pays the attention, respect and admiration that will be around.

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