From what to wear shorter leather black jacket

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 Shortened black leather jacket captured the hearts of fashionistas the world. Wear it almost everywhere - in the West and East. And as ordinary women, and the stars, which combined with its sometimes unimaginable things, creating a trendy images. Looking at them, you can understand what to wear shorter leather black jacket, and make beautiful sets on each day, and on the publication.
 Very fashionable to combine a shorter leather jacket with trousers and jeans. And look great as a model of the bottom of the classic styles and colors and trendy options. For example, jeans with holes and scuffed style boy fit can be worn with white or striped T-shirt, jacket, belted belt with a large buckle and throw on top of the jacket. Supplemented by a set of help-hat fedora, scarf in color strips on a T-shirt and sneakers, sneakers or loafers neutral shade.

Fans of glam rock can safely wear a shorter leather jacket with a light dress mini. And the drawing of clothes can be quite all, but looks best floral print. You only need to add a set of black tights, shoes without heels with rivets and a black bag with chains. In the same series: leggings plus elongated white t-shirt or a beautiful print.

Will look fine set of leather jacket, white T-shirt and jeans "skinny." For placed accents should add bright monotone accessories, such as a large scarf, maxi bag, sunglasses and high heels shoes.

To create a more feminine silhouette wearing a black leather jacket shortened with a dress or a skirt with flounces. It does not have to be long, but its brightness boldly declare you as a secular fashionista. This kit should be supplemented with youth thick black tights and combat boots.

To date, very fashionable so-called "style bloggers." They wear a shortened version of the leather jacket can with almost anything! Best of all, it looks combined with a narrow black mini-skirt, colored trousers and denim shorts. To set the top, under a jacket, using the usual black or white T-shirts and sweaters, and shirts with fun prints. As an accessory shoe - boots, shoes, sandals on a high platform heels or thick.

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