Floral print

Floral print
 Flowers - one of the most popular sources of inspiration designers, to which many of them, according to the fashion shows in recent years, were treated with an enviable constancy. Divine gardens and flower meadows bloom on everything: on blouses, dresses, pants, bags and even shoes. With a light hand designer even the most modest ladies were able to "dissolve". However, the floral print is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Clothing with it requires the knowledge of certain nuances of women.
 Bright sunflowers, daisies volume, huge peonies, poppies juicy, bohemian lotuses, gentle cornflowers or holographic abstract flowers - imagination of designers truly limitless. Floral print combines romance with femininity, and what he could not refuse, so it is in cheerfulness. On the clothing he is blurred, as if watercolor, or, conversely, too catchy. Flowers themselves can be shown on the fabric alone or immediately whole bouquets.

Do not choose clothes with floral print at random or blindly guided by fashion trends. It is necessary to use an elementary rule: if the lines are thin and delicate face, choose a smooth, delicate drawings, with an abundance of different details and color transitions, and if the facial features straight and hard, it is better to stay on the colors combined with abstraction or graphics.

Despite the fact that many of this print is associated with ease and lightness, it can not only look elegant, but even formally. All the matter in the silhouette, fabrics and related accessories. Clothes made of thick cotton and silk classic style - straight narrow skirt, feminine blouse, fitted jacket, dress-case - would be appropriate for an evening out and a business meeting. It is better to complement the elegant court shoes, discreet bag and calm classic decorations.

Dress with the smell of exotic flowers - perfect for those who want to look during the day and feminine at the same time fresh. Sandals with straps in the spirit of the eighties give the image a touch of dynamism. Daring fashionistas should try instead to pay a "flower" jumpsuit - an absolute trend of recent seasons. Do not do without it, and prints on the beach. One-piece swimsuit or bikini with floral patterns - one of the necessary purchases to the long-awaited vacation.

Magnificent backdrop for colorful motifs is neutral gamma - ivory, beige, light gray and white. Bright floral prints, large or small, make the dominant thing, so you need not to overdo it with other components. You can choose a colorful blouse and trousers or skirt to pick up echoes the tone. Great option - juicy floral patterns combined with denim.

In recent years, designers advise women to use clothing as many colors. In fashion came floral total look- image consisting entirely of clothing and accessories with floral pattern. Now you can not be afraid to combine the skirts and tops, trousers and blouses with a print of the same subject matter among themselves. Welcome the most unexpected combinations of patterns and colors. However, in this case, there is a caveat: the more things with the same print is put on, the bigger the figure will appear. The solution is simple - it is better to use metered floral pattern.

Clothing with the motif very commits in the choice of shoes. Of course, no sports shoes would not be tolerated. Ideal - pumps, sandals, high heels and ballet flats.

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