The female figure and jeans

The female figure and jeans
 Jeans for decades out of fashion. Clothing denim is popular among people of different sexes, age, social status. Jeans are very comfortable and practical. A modern fashion offers a huge selection of styles and models of these pants. Even the girl with th very precarious figure could pick up a pair of jeans that emphasize its advantages and disadvantages hide.

Regardless of the type of your figure when buying jeans need to carefully look at their size. Too big pants will hang on you and look baggy and small emphasize the fact that we would like to hide. Usually jeans indicate two values: W - width at the waist and L - length of inseam. These parameters are indicated in inches. To determine what you buy pants measure waist circumference and length of the inner thigh, then divide them into 2, 5. For example, if you have a waist 80 cm, W is equal to 32, and at a measured length of 75 cm, L will be 30 inches. That's trousers with such dimensions and must be purchased. But in any case, they need to be measured, because of the peculiarities of sewing, the same dress pattern may differ from each other.

When buying jeans, you need to pay attention to their compliance with the length of your growth. Too short trousers will be shortened legs, do a squat figure. Although slightly shortened jeans will look good on low girls. They also fit trousers with narrow (but not fitting), straight leg, dark jeans, long before the beginning of the heel. But the pants with cuffs make the figure even shorter. Avoid too long, loose and very tight pants.

Tall girl fit jeans-bananas, loose pants, elongated models and models with low waist, slightly flared from the knee. But short trousers will look at these women is absurd, make disproportionate figure.

If you have not expressed thighs and buttocks, you should choose those jeans that will attract the attention of the feet, not the problem areas. With this task perfectly cope model, flared from the knee. You can buy a light-colored jeans. In this case, the figure will look more relief, and all the attention will be drawn to his feet.

Many girls with full hips do not wear jeans, because they believe that they do not go to them. But if you pick the right style and size, they sit perfectly on the figure. Women with wide hips is recommended to buy pants dark shades of denim sufficiently dense, well keep in shape. Loose jeans, pants classic straight cut, flared from the hip - this is what will suit a girl with such a figure. To make hips visually already choose pants with large back pockets, but without rhinestones, contrasting otstrochek. These elements are not only attract the right attention.

Full girls have to choose jeans fabric, which does not puff up and going, keeps the shape well. Should not buy too wide or, conversely, very narrow and tight pants. But you can buy a model with a slightly narrowed at the bottom of the leg. According to the color scheme is better to prefer darker shades, they will make the figure more slender.

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