Pants and fashion

Pants and fashion
 This girl knows how to be feminine in any clothes, even if it's pants. We can say - especially if it's pants, because the rich history of the modern garment gave the fair sex huge scope for experimentation.  

It fashionistas and become a staple of any wardrobe jeans, straight trousers and classic, and distinctive patterns resembling Pantaloons. Popular and ethnic motifs - Cossack trousers or Eastern, and other unusual patterns - bananas or just covering the knees golf pants made of fashionable plaid fabric.

-Sport trousers Golf has long been a historical fact, were in the distant twenties of the last century, when they put exclusively for riding or other active pastime. As a rule, the rest of the legs are protected by long thick socks or golf. Today, they are even used as a strict office options - striped, with mandatory arrows, without lapels. This is an indispensable thing for all who seek to emphasize the length of their lovely legs.

Equally popular and wide bell-bottoms, which have found their place in the men's and women's locker room. Once they were distinguishing feature of the sailors, but today they distinguish these mods. Do not confuse them with the also very wide classic gray flannel trousers Oxford, which came into fashion in England.

The twenties of the last century gave the girls and another model tight trousers, for the manufacture of which are commonly used material called boucle: this "envoy". As well as golf pants, they're like to visit the office, but they are distinguished by the presence of flaps that are no longer possible to create an illusion of slimness.

In contrast slacks were cigarette pants, narrow and tight figure. The perfect companion for them are mind-blowing heeled shoes. Look great model also tucked into boots.

Ambiguous form bryuk- "banana" was fatal for the male half of humanity: these pants are quite narrow near the ankle and wide in the area of ​​the knee, were suitable only for some ladies. However, in the past they were a great success, especially in the eighties of the 20th century.

At the same time mysterious stories about the Bermuda Triangle attracted attention and was named in honor of this phenomenon trousers bermuda. They were colorful and tropical light, reaching only to the knee.

Unlike bananas, tights completely open views of the pros and cons of women's feet. But once they were considered as belonging only fashionable man's wardrobe. Moreover, a certain period of time, these products were white Buckskin only attribute military dress uniform! Today, they are hard to find, as tights or leggings, and changed the color and material.

Warmer their version, made of elastic fabric with optional straps - breeches. They are suitable for the sport, as well as short tight Cycling, reaching to the knee.

Pants and fashion

The abundance of styles allows capricious fashion every season new demands. If you recently she preferred to see the beautiful ladies in tight stretch pants and, today in honor length and volume. It is necessary to be careful when choosing the model flared style as "The Beatles" fashion until their liking. Of short pants she prefers naughty capris or quiet, made of pale tissue corsairs, ending just below the knee - a variation of the original surviving from the eighteenth century Pantaloons. Ease of them give the cuts on the sides, and severity of forms allows you to wear even in the office, expanding the business jacket.

Trousers and image

Variety trouser models especially is used by business women, allowing to diversify office routine. In addition to the standard length variations, there are strict and shorts to facilitate hot summer days. It is true today, they were not included in the active use of legkomnuscheysya tissue, as well as overly democratic kind. It is permissible to appear in the office and in a kind of hybrid - a skirt-pants, but in this case it is necessary to monitor compliance with the proportions and quality of the material.

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