Most-most wedding dress: select the figure

Most-most wedding dress: select the figure
 Wedding for many - the main event in life. Marry women of all shapes and sizes: thin, slender, figure skaters, chubby, fat and all, as they say, ladies "in the body." And each must find a wedding dress, the groom to the envy of all the invited men, regardless of their personal claims against women. Because any bride on her wedding should look like a queen and outshine its beauty all the other girls.

To choose a wedding dress on a figure, it is necessary to strip (yes!), Go to the mirror and more home very objectively and critically examine themselves on all sides, noting the advantages and disadvantages of the figure, as well as its type. Where you have wider areas of the body where - more narrow? What should be emphasized, and what "trouble" is better to hide from prying eyes.

• If the wide hips and small breasts.

In this case it is better to order a wedding dress with a long skirt that hides full hips. But the unusual, frilly bra (especially with inserts of flowers) or the original neckline to draw attention to the upper body. Longitudinal line patterns visually lengthen your silhouette, making the eyes of guests and the groom is much slimmer. If the hands are too short, it is best to choose a dress with long sleeves. And remember: no lush flounces and crinolines!

• If the growth is high and slender body.

This bride "Full" will make the wedding dress with cross patterns, and it is better to choose a refined classic style. If your breasts are too small, distract attention from it by means of finishing the sleeves and skirts dresses and sophisticated jewelry. But the dress in the style of "Empire", a distinctive feature of which is overestimated waist, it is better not to wear: can spoil all the impression of the image of the bride.

• If the breast is large, broad shoulders and narrow hips.

You've got to create the illusion of a "big priests" with the original fluffy skirt or skirt normal "on the floor", but interestingly decorated. If on the bodice will have a small cutout, the "value" of the upper body slightly smoothed. Longitudinal patterns and stitches at this figure, as in the first case, visually lengthen the silhouette, giving it slim. Sleeves better sew simple to shoulders look natural and not to attract attention. And forget about the narrow skirt and too deep neckline!

• If the shape resembles an hourglass (thin waist, curvy hips and breasts)

You are lucky: your figure - every man's dream. Best of all you will look flowing wedding dress "on the floor" with a modest bodice, which, however, allowed a deep cut. The dress must be a short-cut, but the models with high-waisted better to abstain. The main attention should be drawn to one thing: a skirt or bodice.

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