Interesting winter: things

Interesting winter: things
 And in winter you can enjoy life to the fullest, this will help us a stylish and comfortable winter clothes. Winter clothing should be particularly comfortable - it is more multi-layered and heavier than the summer, so choose quality stuff preferably from natural materials.

For our winter the most suitable material for clothes - it's fur! If you lead an active lifestyle, then do not choose expensive luxury fur, and a long coat. The most optimum variant - a shorter fur coat or jacket, fur, it can be combined.

Designers this year offered as an option outerwear for active people blazer. She, too, fur and quite heavy. Widely used leather belts, straps in military style. You can wear a jacket and trousers, and skirts.

Remains urgent and overalls, and novelty - knit overalls, comfortable and very cute. In this suit you will not freeze at the rink or on a walk in the park, at the same time will be stylish and trendy!

His most hot trend in the 2011-2012 season - it knits, sweaters with bulky braids, traditional Icelandic sweaters and, of course, cardigans. All of these things can have a warm fur trim, be colored or natural wool colors, but they are perfectly warm you in winter.

Vest or sleeveless fur combined with a light silk dress was featured in many fashion shows fall-winter collections. They can be worn under outer clothing, and instead - it depends on the weather and on your desire.

For long winter walks choose warm shoes flat slip soles. She is fit and to play with the children in the snow. Ugg sheepskin and our Russian good old boots have not gone this season. However, the boots do not know - they are not as bulky and lightweight and very intricately decorated and glamorous.

Do not forget the gloves - they will save your hands from the winter cold! This season, at the peak of fashion long gloves not only knit, but the combined stitched from different materials.

Some fashion houses have presented a collection of hats and Variations on ushanok - this quilted fur earflaps and a retro-style buckles under the chin. In fashion and pretty simple cap without excessive decoration and ornaments - large enough matings and volume.

Help protect the neck from the cold warm scarf or sweater with a collar-collar, fashion and knitted scarves, hoods. Fashionable scarves from strips of fur and huge knitted scarf-shawl.

Combine your winter wardrobe, using the latest mobile trends and have served their several seasons things. Do not fall into hibernation, and winter will give you many unforgettable moments of your life!

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