How to take in the waist jeans

How to take in the waist jeans
 You bought your favorite jeans, although they are a little big in the waist you. It would seem a trifle - after washing sit. But washed, you see that the belt has remained wide. The only way to get rid of this problem - take in the waist jeans.
 In order to take in jeans, you need a thread for jeans, chalk, ruler, centimeter, pins, sewing machine.

First, put on jeans and determine exactly how many inches should be removed. Now shoot and go to work.

Fight back and thrust belt loops on the waist line. It is not necessary to disconnect the entire zone. It suffices to take 6-8 cm on both sides from the middle back seam. Now thrust stepping seam. Here take an even smaller distance, literally 5-6 cm left and right. After that thrust back seam. It's easy to manage, if you find the right tip from the inside by pulling on that, you can easily rasporete chain stitch. Immediately kill the entire length of the pin seam, so as not to disturb the symmetry. Pins to stick on the front side.

Now, from the wrong side too slide pins. Place them perpendicular to the seam to be removed when stitching as you go. After that, the pins on the front side and remove the iron otparte seam.

Insert one trouser leg to the other, back half the length to which it is necessary to reduce the belt on the waist line and chalk with a ruler draw a tangent to the straight-line back seam.

In the sewing machine set a special needle for jeans, Stitch along the marked line, sweep off the edge. Advance pick up threads, which are combined with stitching trousers. These are sold in specialty stores and are designed specifically for denim. Make them two lines on the front side to the back seam. On the reverse side tuck stitch and lock-step cut pins. Now prostrochite to the seam does not unfold. On the front side walk double stitching on the place that you ripped.

Now go to the belt. Cut it in half. Attach to the pants and one piece of chalk make a mark in the middle of the back seam. Marked turn away from the space of 5 mm for the seam allowance, cut the rest. Do the same with the other part of the belt.

Thrust decorative stitch on the uppermost edge of the belt, stepping back from the edge of 3-5 cm. FACE fold belt and prepared prostrochite. Expand seam on both sides and rasparte iron.

Pin the wrong side to the lower part of the jeans belt. Pins placed perpendicular. The face of the belt is also secure. Stitch along the edge of the belt and the waist line, check the seam from the inside.
Now sew in place loops and jeans ready.

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