How to choose the right shoes

How to choose the right shoes
 Shoes - one of the main indicators of style for men and women. What would you fine clothes or decorating, namely shoes speaks volumes about your taste and style. And buying in a store shoes, boots or boots, you need to choose the right.
 Somehow got the firm belief that to choose the right shoes - then buy the latest fashionable novelty of the season and wear it in spite of the corn. This is absolutely the wrong approach. Shoes should be not only fashionable, but also comfortable. Also, before buying a new pair is worth considering, and if you have, what to wear new shoes, where you will walk in them.

If the decision to buy a new pair made, try to maximize a serious and responsible approach to the selection of shoes. Firstly, buying shoes is better to postpone for the evening - then a little swollen legs and feet become larger. If the shoes are comfortable in this period, so you will avoid later rubbing calluses and other troubles from tight shoes.

Try a pair and walk around the store, feel it. It is important to get your fingers rested on the sock, never sting or grated. Now look closely at the shoes. Choosing leather model, pay attention to the joints were overlapping and not connected eraser. Such a connection is short-lived, rapidly stretched and torn.

Also pay attention to the edge - it should not be wrapped inside. And the sole should be as soft and supple. Woman when choosing footwear is also important to pay attention to the heel - it must be strong and stable. Not necessarily buy the stud height of 12 centimeters. Believe that even among low-heeled shoes have a stylish model. Try all possible that you will find something interesting.

Finally. Even sophisticated stylish shoes will look ridiculous on you if you do not know how to make clothing ensemble. Do not wear shoes Italian model with old jeans and t-shirts. And high heels - with dressing gowns. Around the need to follow style. Then your image will be the most fashionable and complete.

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