How to choose an evening dress for the type of figure

How to choose an evening dress for the type of figure
 The choice of evening dress can turn into a real torture. Not only that, you need to follow fashion trends, so still need to consider the type of shape to make the dress perfect village, emphasized the dignity and hide flaws. Sometimes it's easier to give up the ball, you go in a dress that does not feel elegant and unique.
 There are a number of rules that begged a challenge. First you need to remember that there are five basic types of shapes; Depending on this, and you need to choose a dress.

Type A (pear) belong to women who have narrow shoulders, wide hips and a clearly defined waist. They need to balance the top and bottom, which are suitable dress with a V-shaped or square cut with a high waist - it is visually expand the line of the shoulders. Length should choose high or max. Fabric - silk, chiffon. On the neck will look great chain necklace. Avoid dresses with low waist and emphasize the difference between the lower and the upper part of the figure.

Women of type O (apple) likely to be overweight, for them is characteristic about the same amount of shoulders, waist and hips may favor tummy. Such women should pay attention to dress a-line, which will help create the effect of a thin waist. V-neck neckline profitable emphasize a beautiful chest and visually pull silhouette. The fabric is best to choose a smooth, soft and supple, which loose-fitting shape. The dress should be simple, uncluttered. Length as the average or max. About transparent shiny fabric is better to forget, like a velvet. No fitted silhouette and eye-catching details on the waist line.

Type H (rectangle) is also represented by women who volumes shoulders, waist and hips are the same, but there is no circularity. Therefore, it is advisable to dress repeated silhouette figures; This is ideal for heavy silk. The cut should be straight and without catchy details: ruches, frills and flounces. Emphasis should be placed on the legs and chest area. It is better to opt for an oval, square or V-neck.

By type V (inverted triangle) are mostly women athletic whose shoulders wider hips. Therefore, they need to pay, it is desirable from a dense silk, making emphasis on the bottom of the figure. This can be a dress with a waist to hips, dress trapezoidal silhouette, perhaps high-cut to accentuate shapely legs. Suitable as a model, opening one arm or both, allowing visually narrow shoulders. Not suitable dresses from fine fabrics with soft V-shaped and round neckline, cut-boat, do not draw attention to the upper chest with ribbons and flowers.

Finally, the holders of the figure type X (hourglass). This is the ideal female figure resembling an hourglass when the volume is equal to the shoulders and hips pronounced waist. These women get fat even if with age, recover evenly. In this case, the line cut dress must follow the lines of the figure. The ideal would be narrow fitting dress with a skirt the year, there may drapes diagonally or model with the smell and the belt. Dress must be easy flowing. String of pearls, chains of various lengths are a wonderful decoration of the silhouette. You should not stop your choice on a dress with low waist or too wide belt.

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