How to choose a swimsuit for bbw

How to choose a swimsuit for bbw
 Curvy shape - not a reason to deny yourself the pleasures of summer and, in particular, campaigns on the beach. Full body in its own sexy and attractive. The main thing - to emphasize his winning hand and hide some features with the help of well-chosen leotard.
 Summer came, and all the dreams of to lose weight to the release of 10-20 pounds and have remained dreams. And then the sea will have to go, "what is." That is, in the form of an appetizing luxury. Well, all the better. But now you have an excellent opportunity to indulge in a new swimsuit.

Somehow, full of ladies believe that much for them a magnificent forms swimsuit should be as closed only dark as possible and sculpting. And it is a colossal mistake.

First, take a look at yourself in the mirror. You are beautiful and just have to show their beauty all over the world. Secondly, think and remember the rules, stating that the dark is not so much slimmer, much emphasizes the form and its flaws. And third, why should you suffer an uncomfortable close as possible and closed bathing suit while everyone else on the beach will enjoy the summer and enjoy sunbathing?

So, to begin with tips on what you should avoid bathing suits. First of all, it is, of course, the bikini. In addition, not too good at full figure swimwear look with very high or too low cuts on the hips. Swimwear, bra which has no bones, too, you will not fit.

Look for swimsuits, tankini with high panties or shorts. Cute and sexy, they hide the fact that you want to hide and at the same time will not embarrass you. Just good common swimwear. The main condition - they should not be close. Flexible "corset", of course, take away from your waist a couple of inches, but instead will deprive you of freedom of movement and will provide all of convexity, which should not be isolated.

If you have full hips, the ideal would be in this case, swimsuit, the bottom of which is made in the form of skirts. However, if at the same time you are the owner of narrow shoulders, then you skirt contraindicated.

A couple more tips. High neckline is contraindicated for those who "lucky" to have a short neck or double chin. Bright accent on the chest (insert, decorative element) distract from excessive fullness hands. Generally, this is a great move - to draw attention to the lush beautiful breasts, distracting him from the other is not too perfect forms. Just avoid Fine laces and thin straps. On the background of your body will look even more massive. In addition to "pull" will help shape the decorative elements arranged vertically on a bathing suit - insert metal parts and the like.

Finally, with regard to colors. If your fullness very much outstanding, then you should prefer monotonous and dull certainly swimsuit relaxing colors. If your figure can be classified as a mouth-watering, you should give the palm swimsuit with bright pattern.

But the most important thing. Choosing any clothing including swimwear, always remember that you are - great. And the problem is not the maximum of clothes to hide your flaws (in general, try not to use in relation to his word), simultaneously creating in you the feeling of inferiority, and to emphasize the dignity and delight you.

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