How narrow waist visually

How narrow waist visually
 How to make the waist thinner - this issue is of concern not just one woman. Often, due to the peculiarities wide waist figure and reduce its exercise is difficult. However, with proper selection of clothing and accessories can be corrected this deficiency, visually reduce the waist for a couple of centimeters.
 First analyze what colors prevail in your wardrobe. It is known that dark colors make a figure visually slimmer, while the light - on the contrary, is full. This does not mean that you have to get rid of all the white and beige garments. However, going to the ceremony, I prefer clothes of dark tones, or at least with black inserts at the waist. Additionally, and to emphasize the waist helps color contrast between the top and bottom.

Those who complain about the wide waist, do not wear too tight as well as too loose clothing. Any new dress should match your size, better give up the purchase, if you barely squeeze into this thing.

Visually adjust the waist is possible by means of clothing X-shaped silhouette, such as close-fitting jackets and dresses. Such clothing brings your figure to the type of "hourglass", for many years considered the standard of female beauty. In addition, visually makes the waist thinner monotonous dress in dark colors with bright inserts on the sides. Another option would be advantageous clothes with long vertical stripes, it is visually pulls silhouette.

Learn how using clothes to shift focus to other parts of the body, diverting eyes from the waist line. For example, using a low-cut or a bright accessory you can focus on the décolleté and full skirt will create additional volume in the hips, then it will seem thinner waist. Do not be afraid to use the image in his wide belt or waistband, he visually divide the figure into two parts, it is advantageous emphasizing the waist.

Previously, women, paying tribute to fashion, every day wore corsets, pulling the waist as thin as possible. Constant wearing corset has a negative impact on health, but from time to time you can wear it for a few hours. To visually become leaner, you can use and corrective underwear, which is not as dangerous as corsets, but also able to hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the female figure.

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