Colored soles: to set the mood

Colored soles: to set the mood
 We are able to not only see but also feel the color of their skin (with direct contact to the material of a certain color in the body there is a change of pressure and the sensitivity of nerve endings).  

Here's how some colors affect our well-being, mood and feelings:

Red color. Improves circulation, increases energy and sex drive, gives us the strength and confidence. Often, women who want to be desirable, it is choosing shoes with red insoles.

Pink color. Is the color of femininity and charm. Many girls and women wear shoes with pink insoles to complex activities (interviews, examinations) to find ease and peace of mind, and most importantly - to strengthen intuition and ingenuity.

Blue color (indigo). Since ancient times, it is believed that this color helps to make the right and wise decision evokes philosophical thinking and makes the soul pure and sensual. This color is perfect for meditation.

Blue color. Unleashes your creativity, inspires and teaches creative solutions to complex problems.

Yellow. This color gives a very positive and bright emotions, confidence and positive.

Orange color. The color of joy, happiness and fun. Gives the holiday mood, activates a sense of humor.

Green color. Man brings a sense of peace and tranquility. This color is a symbol of confidence and serenity.

Purple (violet). Majestic color (royal family have always used this color), brings inspiration and material well-being.

Brown. For those who are standing safely on the "earth." Provides energy and allows you to focus.

White color. Purifies the soul, gives strength, gives hope and confidence. It is best to use these insoles for business trips and important journeys.

Black color. The most common, familiar color for men. These insoles bring self-confidence and self-esteem.

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